Low Fodmap Halloween Recipes

Put your DIY chef hat on and whip up a fodmap-free halloween feast, with these healthy halloween recipes.

Halloween is nearly here, yippee!

Along with Autumn (my favourite time of year), it signals the beginning of the season of fun and good food. With mentions of Christmas markets (eek) and wintery plans with loved ones occupying our office gossip, it’s the ultimate autumnal occasion to start getting (healthily) creative in the kitchen.

You know as well as me, that Halloween is a tricky time if you’re trying to stay healthy and on track with your autumn fitness and health goals.

Traditional halloween treats and candy are often full of sugar, processed crap and ridiculously moreish. How often, do you find your sneaky self, dipping into the ‘trick or treat’ bowl? Come on? It’s at least a couple of times, isn’t it? Hell, some years, I bloody eat more than the kids. That’s the problem with bumper packs of halloween sweets isn’t it?

Health Tip: Don’t buy the stuff in the first place, read my health hack tips here!

Worrying about the amount of sugar, processed food and generally ‘bad for your health’ snacks that you will most likely end up scoffing this Halloween? (I do have faith- promise!) Then why not host your own halloween party? You can surprise your guests in their DIY costumes, with healthy halloween treats, cakes and no bake snacks, made with nutritious ingredients and way less sugar.

If you’re following a low fodmap diet, I’ve included a few spooky low fodmap Halloween treats just for you!

Try these awesomely haunting, but totally healthy, halloween recipes

#1 Banana, chocolate and coconut.Yummy!

These coconut cream topped chocolate cakes are perfect for a healthier halloween party.

cute halloween cupcakes
Cupcakes are a cute halloween snack. A healthy snack for those with a sweet tooth. @foodfaithfitness

#2 Try these easy maple and pecan Halloween treats.

They’re made with coconut oil for a healthier halloween snack.

healthy halloween bites
@deliciouslyella does halloween justice, with these totally natural, halloween bites.

#3 Macaroons are a halloween party favourite.

This recipe used honey instead of sugar and swaps out butter for coconut oil. Ghoulish dairy free goodness!

ghost macarons
Macarons are a coconut lovers dream snack. Make them spooky thanks to @pureella

#4 Blood orange and creamy coconut are a unique halloween mix.

Prepare these sugar-free popsicles the night before your party, and you’re good to go!

bloody orange healthy popsicle
An instagram worthy, healthy blood orange popsicle. No skills required, just a freezer. @forkknifeswoon

#5 Popcorn is always a healthy halloween snack winner.

Make use of that popcorn machine that’s never been opened with this pumpkin spiced popcorn. Plus it’s a low fodmap snack!

coconut popcorn halloween
Put your popcorn maker to good use, with this healthy, low fodmap halloween party snack.@nutritionbykara

#6 These bloody chocolate cups look awesome!

They also don’t take a genius to make them. They’re gluten-free, sugar-free,vegan and low fodmap (swap the rice syrup for maple syrup.)

bloody chocolate and raspberry bites
Bloody and brilliant. No oven-no problem. These low fodmap, no bake bites are tummy friendly. @elephanttasticvegan

#7 Strawberries and chocolate anyone?

If you CBA, then these ghoulish strawberries will be a ‘quick to make and bang in the fridge, after work’ halloween treat.

Lazy halloween host can dip and go with these chocolate strawberries.@candiquik
Lazy halloween host can dip and go with these chocolate strawberries.@candiquik

#8 Your one pot halloween dish, sorted.

If you need an easy, one pot recipe to welcome guests on a cold evening, then this healthy pumpkin coconut curry is perfect.

halloween pumpkin curry
Pumpkin one pots are easy and will feed everyone this halloween. @lazycatkitchen

#9 Candy Corn smoothies for breakfast.

Nope. You can whip your guests up, a batch of candy corn smoothies as their welcome drinks. If you’re really lazy you can buy frozen fruit from the store and you’re good to go.

healthy halloween smoothies
Make halloween a healthy breakfast occasion with these candy corn smoothies. @foodmatters

This could be a low fodmap smoothie, just swap the mango for banana.

#10 Use up in-season root vegetables to create these spooky sweet potato faces.

It takes absolute minimal effort. Bang the oven on 200 and you’ve got a simple roasted vegetable Halloween recipe.

halloween sweet potato chips
Sweet potato lovers can indulge this halloween. Get creative with your root veg for a savoury snack.@foodmatters

#11 Sugar craving?

Feed your need, with some better for you halloween fruit snacks. These apple treats, are hauntingly simple and cheap to make. It just depends on how good you are with a knife…

no bake halloween apples
Grab some juicy apples and grapes to prepare these no bake halloween snacks. @twohealthykitchens

# 12 I couldn’t leave you without a Halloween tipple, could I?

This tasty, blood orange and berry punch, is sugar-free and spooky looking enough to add to Snapchat. (Your mates will never know it’s not the real deal 😉 ) To make a low fodmap drink, swap for blueberry.

no alcohol halloween
Make a ghoulishly awesome, alcohol free punch this halloween. It’s low fodmap too! @heatherchristo

Now you’re loaded with a tonne of Halloween treats that are not only healthy, but they all look half decent, for those #foodgrammers out there.

You can face Halloween more confidently, knowing that it’s totally fine to get munching down on that Halloween bag of treats because they’re all healthy and good for you!

Take these healthy halloween recipes and use as a prevention method against your usual, Halloween sugar binge.

I would love to see your Halloween snaps, so upload them to Instagram and get tagging #pressupsandprosecco @emrosedallara. Comment below with your own suggestions.

If you found these recipes helpful for planning a healthier Halloween, then let me know and share with your fit fam on facebook and twitter!

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