3 Day Mini- Guide To Low Fodmap Travel £10



Did you know you can travel IBS free? Yes, really!

Here’s how I and hundreds of other happy customers have successfully prepped, packed and travelled short term on low fodmap.

It’s easy once you know how. You’ll never worry about embarrassing situations away from home again!

If you’re nervous about travelling anywhere on the low fodmap diet and have no idea where to start with preparing for it, let alone what to do when you’re travelling or on vacation- then you’re not the only one!

You might feel like you can’t enjoy your vacation, city break or night away if you are on the low fodmap diet.

Maybe you’ve only just started on low fodmap or are a seasoned pro…?

Travelling with IBS can be a scary concept either way, sometimes it even stops people travelling at all!!

Here’s what your will get in your 3 day low fodmap travel guide…

  • The resources to turn just £10 into a future of travel…
  • The questions everyone wants answering, and how I found them
  • How to get servers to actually listen to you at that fancy restaurant
  • How to feel confident sight seeing and on the beach
  • Learn how you can personalise the guide to fit your stomach troubles
  • Tips on saving money and time before you travel
  • The knowledge that you can travel and not get ill
  • Acces to even more resources and the exclusive Facebook Group.


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